Life Members


 Life Members


Harry E. Adams

Edward E. Anderson

Grant L. Andrews

Keith W. Bennyhoff

Kenneth R. Bond

Louis Bronko

Frank R. Burgener

Jerry Cape

Jayne M. Andrews

John J. Cherb

Anthony G. Coniglio

Earl E. Costenbader

Cheryl L. Daumer

Marilyn D. Day

Ralph V. Desantis

Paul Dickes

Thomas P. Dougherty

Clinton R. Eckley

Alfred M. Feuerstein

Robert C. Gehres

Henry F. Geyer

John F. Hassett

Herbert G. Helmer

Joseph C. Heimbach Jr.

Thomas E. Henry

Walter Hunsicker

Anthony E. Jaworowski

Bernard A. Kattner

Francis P. Kattner

James M. Kattner

Janet L. Klotz

Jay M. Klotz

Judith M. Knappenberger

William Kralik

Ed Largent

Morris S. Leibensperger

Joseph R. Loffredo

Marie C. McKissick

William E. McKissick

Edward F. Meckes

John H. Meckes

Roger L. Meckes

Rolland G. Meckes

Troy Meckes

Elaine Micelli

Roland D. Miller Jr.

Neil T. Minnisch

Tim Minnich

Eric S. Moore

John Mosko

Roger N. Nanovic Sr.

Roger N. Nanovic Jr.

Guy M. Nelson

Bernard J. Newhard

Joseph A. Pazo

Leroy J. Rider

Tony S. Rouco

William A. Schlecht

Alan F. Sienkiewicz

Richard D. Sloyer

James E. Smith Jr.

Johanna Smolka

Robert J. Sullivan

Norman G. Summers

Rev. William M. Thompson

Stanley E. Turel Jr.

Irwin F. Walck

Gerald Werner

Ralph D. Werner

Clark W. Wooding

Doris Wooding

Douglas H. Woodring

**  A Life Membership may be granted to an member, for outstanding service to the organization, community or nation, or who has served twenty (20) years in succession and has paid all dues, etc. This honor shall have the approval of the majority of the membership at a regular or special meeting of the company. An Honorary Life Member shall be exempt from paying dues, assessments, etc. and shall have the same privileges of the class of membership prior to election to Honorary Life Membership.



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