Insurance Company Info
  • Penn Forest Township is strictly a rural area with NO water supply system, therefore no fire hydrants. All water is brought to the scene in fire apparatus.
  • The initial fire department response consisting of both Penn Forest Township Fire Companies yield 4,210 gallons on Station #1 apparatus and approximately 4,250 on Station #2 apparatus for a total of 8,460 gallons of water.
  • Station #1 is located in the southern portion of the Township at 1387 State Route 903 while Station #2 is located in the northern portion of the Township on SR 534 at the entrance to Indian Mountain Lakes.
  • Penn Forest Township does have an ordinance in place that mandates insurance monies be places into escrow pending repair of fire damage properties.
  • If you need to know the distance from the fire station to a particular address.... click on the link below and add the address in question.  We will not respond to emails for this information.

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